Technical building-inspection

Ideal for property management, facility management, janitorial, emergency services ...

Modern residential and commercial buildings, public facilities and convention centers are often equipped with complex technical building installations whose function must be always guaranteed. At the same time, the operating costs should be reduced further and further, to keep the rents competitive. Often at the expense of service.

The easy to adapt RCT-modules offer numerous measurement and alarm functions and support you e.g. in remote monitoring of building services and energy controlling. You save inspection rounds, minimize downtime, optimize your energy management and promote customer satisfaction.

By using a variety of different sensors, the possibilities are almost unlimited. Individual monitoring systems for new and existing facilities can be gradually built up and expanded.
The following chart shows only a few examples of your options. We are happy to advise you!

Intelligent remote monitoring of:

  1. Tank capacity (oil/gas/water)
  2. Malfunction of technical systems such as heating, air conditioning, remote reading of counter readings
  3. Temperature, burglary, air humidity, smoke detectors etc.
  4. Central data management on PC
  5. Notification of various reporting offices via SMS or email

A) Direct transmission via GSM (mobile phone) or
B) Detection of several radio transmitters (range about 500 m) by data logger

  • Precise measurement of various states, as well as fault and alarm detection over a variety of sensors
  • Worldwide transmission via GSM (mobile)
  • Reception at a central computer, e.g. in the office of property management
  • Selective notification of various reporting offices via SMS or email, such as janitors, heating emergency services
  • Many other features: Internet access, database integration ...

The advantages of the RCT-system

  • Safe - Monitoring around the clock at any place - independent of power and fail-safe by operation with battery
  • Simple - works by radio or SMS - no wiring
  • Flexible - All modules can be combined individually and expanded at any time
  • Independent - all data directly in your office, no contract, no dependence on external servers
  • Efficient and economical - one technology - a variety of applications through different sensors

Your competitive advantages

  • Monitoring all building installations
  • Central data collection, evaluation, consumption analysis
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Minimal downtime
  • Energy controlling and management
  • Save inspections
  • Minimize administration