Perfect controlled tank management with PLC

With programmable logic controllers you are one step ahead

In cooperation with our business partners of the firm Lanfer Logistik in Hamm, a PLC-based system was installed in 2011, to control about 300 solenoid valves of a tank storage and refueling system. Six pumps on 37 tanks can be controlled from two control centers. Via touch screen, the individual tanks are selected and released for filling or removal.

The system was enhanced, so that the whole information about the valves and piping is transmitted by radio to the computers in the control rooms. For the analysis of historical data all messages are collected there. There is the possibility of forwarding collective fault messages or alarm situations via SMS.

Our client pays special attention to the fact, that the newly installed system will be expandable in the future by additional displays or further required adjustments. Changes in the programming can be carried out during maintenance from outside.

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  • Simple tank selection by touchscreen
  • Condition of the valves and piping will be transmitted via radio
  • Monitoring is done centrally in the control rooms
  • Forwarding of alarms and alerts by SMS possible

The advantages of the RCT-system

  • Simple - Safe - Efficient
  • Flexible - always expandable
  • Independent - all data run together in the central office

Your advantages

  • Easy to customize - subsequent program changes can be realized easily
  • Flexible - PLC can be controlled, monitored and changed from any location