Unlimited possibilities through modular design

Local radio system monitoring (500 m) with an alarm function via SMS

The modularly designed RCT-system offers cost effective solutions for a variety of application areas. All transmitter and receiver modules are compatible and can be combined individually.

This graphic shows only a small selection of monitoring options in home and standard solutions. Which solution do you need?

  1. RCT-Radio transmitter including battery - available with various sensors - for the measurement of various states (RCT-sensor or sensors from other manufacturers); Measurement and data transmission via radio to one or more receivers (range up to 500 m)
  2. Radio display LCD - comfortable readout of measured values and alarms in the home or office
  3. Relay-/interface receiver - controlling of external devices by relay/interface 4...20 mA, such as alarm device, power on/off a pump for fill level control
  4. Data management on PC with RCT-software
  5. SMS to mobile phone - e. g. alarm or regular transmission of measured values

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The RCT-system

  • Safe - Monitoring around the clock at any place - independent of power supply
  • Simple - Works by radio or SMS - no wiring
  • Flexible - All transmission and receiver modules can be combined individually
  • Economical - One technology, various applications by using many different sensors
  • Efficient - Choose from a variety of modules exactly the service you really need or want