Reliable temperature control

Display and alarm when exceeding or falling below preset limits

Continuous temperature detection

Using a room or contact sensor, the temperature of various facilities in the private and commercial sector are constantly monitored. Especially for cooling systems for food, it is important to note the rise of temperature over a limit just in time. But also for servers, greenhouse, aquarium or in animal breeding, can an unnoticed heating or cooling down have serious consequences.
RCT offers numerous modules for various requirements.

Remote display, integration into a plant control system to relay/ interface, message to mobile phone ...

Display and alarms

The measured values transmitted by radio can be controlled on a display within a radius of 500 meters at any time. Upon reaching a preset limit, an alarm can be sent via modem per SMS to a mobile phone. All data can also be managed on the PC. Other receivers have the option to switch the controller in dependence on the actual temperature.
You have the choice where and how you want to be informed. We are happy to advise you.


The RCT-system

  • Safe - Monitoring around the clock at any place - independent of power supply
  • Simple - Works by radio or SMS - no wiring
  • Flexible - All transmission and receiver modules can be combined individually
  • Economical - One technology, various applications by using many different sensors
  • Efficient - Choose from a variety of modules exactly the service you really need or want