Level monitoring for water tanks and cisterns

Content measurement and level display - inexpensive and easy to retrofit

Modern content measurement

Whether it is the use of rain water or the treatment of industrial water - the contents of the reservoir is not visible from outside. But it is important to protect for example the pumps from running dry, refill when needed drinking water or to prevent an overflow of the container.
The RCT-monitoring system is suitable both for new installations as well as for easy retrofitting of existing systems. Using battery-powered transmitter, the tank content is measured and regularly transmitted via radio to one or more receivers.

Remote display, integration into a plant control system (e.g. pump) to relay/ interface, message to mobile phone ...

Evaluation and control

If necessary, you can check the tank content for example via radio in the living area. Through a relay or interface receiver you can automate the control for example, to run a pump depending on the level on or off. Other receivers have the option of forwarding data or alarms on mobile phone and offer the evaluation on the PC.
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The RCT-system

  • Safe - Monitoring around the clock at any place - independent of power supply
  • Simple - Works by radio or SMS - no wiring
  • Flexible - All transmission and receiver modules can be combined individually
  • Economical - One technology, various applications by using many different sensors
  • Efficient - Choose from a variety of modules exactly the service you really need or want