Level monitoring for gas tanks via radio transmission

Good to know, what resources you have in the basement

Efficient level detection

Check the contents of your tanks comfortably by radio, for example on a display in the home or office.
A battery-powered transmitter measures the fuel level and submits it regularly to one or more receivers (see below).
By using different sensors and measurement techniques, we offer cost effective solutions for almost all commercially available fuel tank types. Our system is especially appropriate for aboveground and underground liquid gas tanks and all heating oil tanks.

Remote viewing, reporting to mobile phone, data collection on the PC ...

Diverse reception and evaluation options

You have the choice where and how you want to be informed. Using a remote display, the measured data can be controlled locally (up to 500m). If you are rarely on site, you can simply forward the information about filling level or alarms via SMS on your mobile phone. Or would you prefer to collect your consumption on the PC?
Thanks to the timely knowledge of the tank contents consumption you will have the chance to compare prices and take advantage of favorable deals for reordering.
We are happy to advise you.

The RCT-system

  • Safe - Monitoring around the clock at any place - independent of power supply
  • Simple - Works by radio or SMS - no wiring
  • Flexible - All transmission and receiver modules can be combined individually
  • Economical - One technology, various applications by using many different sensors
  • Efficient - Choose from a variety of modules exactly the service you really need or want